Werewolves are shape-shifters that can shift between being human in the Summer, and Spring, and being wolf in the Winter, and Autumn, although this doesn’t mean they can’t become wolves in the warm seasons, or human in the cold. When in wolf form, the hair colour and size of the human doesnt seem to always to have a much of a part in how they look, although it simply hasn’t been confirmed, in the case of a wolf like Sam, in human, he has Black hair, but in wolf, he has stormy grey, but sometimes it may seem they can be similar, like Shelby, with her light blonde hair, and pure white fur.

Abilities Edit

All werewolves get abilities when they get bitten, they get stronger, faster, and gain an enhanced healing system, and of course the ability to shift between a wolf and human in the cold, which heightens their abilities even more, the only thing that doesn’t change between their forms is there eye colour.