Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Died Forever
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Skin color Tanned
Hair color Light blonde (human), pure white (wolf)
Eye color Blue

Shelby was a werewolf in Paul's pack. She was mauled by wolves and turned into a werewolf when she was a young girl. She immensely enjoyed being a wolf, having suffered a difficult childhood. She wanted Sam Roth as her mate and the alpha wolf, so that she could be the alpha female. She grew very jealous of Grace Brisbane and tried to kill her and Sam. While the wolves were moving to Koenig's peninsula, she attacked Cole St. Clair and they fought. She was then killed by an on-shot of bullets from Tom Culpeper's helicopter.


She was known to be very jealous of Grace's relationship with Sam, and as a result attempted to kill them in Grace's house in Shiver.


Having suffered a horrible and, most likely, abusive childhood, Shelby was a cruel young girl with a strange mind. She liked violence, fighting, and became psychotic before she died. When she and Sam were young, she showed him 'the way we hunt' by stabbing a starling in the eye with one of Sam's pencil - he never told Beck.

She also had jealous tendencies, as she attempted to hurt and/or kill Grace in 'Shiver', tried to kill her assigned pack mate, Paul, and hangs around Grace's house, glaring at her. This level of jealousy can be considered yandere.
Sam fighting with shelby


Shelby, in human form, was a slender young girl with white-blonde hair that ended below her shoulders. She had a heavy Southern accent. Her torso was severely scarred from the werewolf attack.

As a wolf she was quite large with pure white fur and icy blue eyes.