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Salem and his foul eye

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Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Died Before Shiver
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Skin color Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown

Salem was a werewolf and was part of Paul's pack. He was mentally ill as a human, and thus, as a werewolf as well. He was suspected to be the werewolf who dragged Grace Brisbane off her swingset when she was eleven.

He had anger issues, and in the human pack, caused problems in the household. When he threatened the pack, Beck dragged him outside and shot him, telling Sam (a child at the time) that angry personalities didn't make good werewolves and had to be dealt with.



Angry, comparable to Jack Culpeper. The story of Salem's death was remembered by Sam when he was pondering about Jack.


Salem was a lean, sickly brindle wolf with a dull, scraggly coat, a notched ear, and one foul running eye. He had wild eyes that rolled upward, showing his mental disorder.