Olivia Marx
Biographical Information
Age 17
Died Forever
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Skin color Olive
Hair color Dark brown (human)
Pure white (wolf)
Eye color Bright green

Olivia Marx is Grace Brisbane's and Rachel's best friend. She was bitten by Jack Culpeper, while he was human, against her will when she was helping him, thus becoming a werewolf herself. She cries when she sees the needle that contained the meningitis that Grace was going to inject into her to stop the shifting. She didn't want to take the risk and instead embraced the wolf inside her, slipping happily into a white wolf near the end of Shiver. She seems to shift very easily, likely without any pain. Grace compares Sam and Olivia's shifting, and how different they are.



Olivia and Grace had a fight early on in the book and hadn't spoken to each other until they met again at the bookstore, the Crooked Shelf, where Sam worked in the Summer in his human form. She was bitten by Isabel Culpeper's brother, Jack, while he was human and became a werewolf herself. She tells Grace to tell her parents that she is okay and not to look for her. She knows they will anyway, but does not want them to think she was dead.


Olivia was mentioned a couple of times in Linger.


She appears 3 times.


Olivia is at one point in 'Shiver' described as extremely shy and - the opposite of Grace Brisbane - forced into solitude.

She is actively looking for a boyfriend in the beginning of Shiver, much to Grace's surprise. Grace playfully teases her about her shyness and how she doesn't have "...the guts to talk to a guy. Other than your James Dean poster.” She feels bad about her comment and laughs to show Olivia she was only joking. Olivia shows her annoyance in her facial expression, but says nothing.

In 'Shiver', she is also described as being very intelligent.

She takes pictures, sometimes of the wolves, which might suggest a creative side to her - yet she is also a silent girl. Though she doesn't fail to express her irritation/disapproval of the flirty relationship between her brother and best friend, Grace, though she doesn't clearly state it in words.

Olivia is afraid of needles.


Olivia was a tall, olive tone -skinned girl with bright green eyes. When she was found dead, her skin was a very pale white.

As a wolf, she was pure white, with bright green eyes.