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Jack Culpeper
Biographical Information
Age 17
Died Shiver
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Skin color Unknown
Hair color Black (human), blue-greyish (wolf)
Eye color Hazel

Jack Culpeper was Isabel Culpeper's older brother. He was bitten by a werewolf when he tried to shoot one of them with his BB gun. However, he craved to be human again. Due to him being a newly made wolf, his shifts were out of his control, and Sam struggles to find him to teach him the ways of the pack, and the rules of what to, and to not do. He ends up being spotted by Olivia, one of Grace Brisbane's best friends, who ends up talking with him and feeding him in the weeks that follow his disappearance. 

He was aware that Grace was bitten by the wolves six years ago, but never shifted, and tries to manipulate her to give him the cure. He does so by biting Olivia, thinking that Grace will only give him "the cure" if she needs to help her friend. Before this, Sam had went to Jack's house to look for him, and in turn, he locked Sam in a shed and left the door open a crack so the coldness could shift him into a wolf. Once Isabel had brought him to Beck's house, Beck had to lock him in the bathroom for a few days until his shifting would get under control, and then into the basement for a few weeks until winter. He was injected with the severe and deadly meningitis by Grace in his human form, causing him to die days later.

Jack had dark, curly hair, was very tall and muscular, had hazel eyes, and an angry personality. This being the reason as to why he was an angry wolf. Sam explains to Isabel, after Jack eats her dog and allegedly hits her (though not said directly in the book), that how you are as a person, is how you are as a wolf, thus, why Jack was always angry before and after shifts, and why he was an angry wolf.