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Grace Brisbane
Biographical Information
Age 17
Died Alive (presumed)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Skin color Fair
Hair color Dark blonde (human), dark grey (wolf)
Eye color Brown

Grace Brisbane is the daughter of Lewis and Amy Brisbane, and one of the main protagonists of the series.


When she was eight years old, she was attacked and bitten by werewolves. A yellowed eyed wolf named Sam saved her, and over six years she began to feel a deep connection with him. They met in person after Sam was shot and started a strange yet touching relationship.

Grace did not shift into a wolf at that age because she suffered a high fever while her father left her in the car at the hottest day of the year. She was re-bitten by Cole St. Clair and shifted into a wolf. As the wolves were being hunted by Isabel Culpeper's father, she risked losing her friends and her own life.


She is very independent because her parents showed little care for her when she was young.

  • Grace is described further as 'a mathematical genius' and the type who likes things neat and in order by Sam, which could be an aftereffect of the childhood

neglect; she might be trying to keep everything in place all alone, therefore becoming someone who is hard to get through to, unless you had already been an objects of her affection, i.e the wolves.

She describes herself as a girl, who chooses solitude, unlike Olivia, who was just extremely shy and thus forced into it.

Grace is also known to write down her New Years resolutions each Christmas.


Grace is a slender girl with long, dark blonde hair and wide brown eyes. She is described as being very pretty and fit with smooth, perfect skin, besides the fading scars on her shoulders from a wolf attack. As a wolf Grace is light grey with darker grey flecks.

Trivia Edit

  • Grace loves to read and reads in her backyard.
  • She always does her homework.