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Amy Brisbane
Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Died Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Skin color Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown

Amy Brisbane was Grace Brisbane's mother and Lewis Brisbane's wife. She was overprotective of her daughter and heartily disapproved of her daughter's relationship with Sam Roth. However, she (along with her husband) was also very negligent towards her daughter, which caused Grace to become independent.

Amy Brisbane is an artist and she has a very girly personality. She often went out early and came home late.

She gets along with Sam after he comes and says hello when she's painting in her studio. Sam compliments her art, and then tells her that he plays the guitar. Amy asks him to play a song, so he plays the song he wrote about Grace. He is then asked to be the subject of one of Amy Brisbane's portraits, as his yellow eyes would look brilliant in painting form. It is unknown if this painting is finished.

Trivia Edit

  • Her husband's affectionate nickname for Amy Brisbane is Rags.
  • Grace claims Amy Brisbane didn't usually watch the news. 
  • Grace claims she's all boobs and hair.